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Alt-Az Aerospace Telescopes for Research, Astrophotography, and Education (Amateur Astronomy 2007) (Click Here)

Measurement of Visual Double Star STF 2079 (JDSO 2007) (Click Here)

Developing an Undergraduate Astronomical Research Program (SAS 2007) (Click Here)

Small Telescope Astronomical Research (STAR) Workshop (Astronomy Technology Today 2007)  (Click Here)

A Compact, Off-the-Shelf, Low-Cost Dual Channel Photometer (2005 )  (Click Here)

Evolutionary Theory of Organization (2006)  (Click Here)

CCD Observation and Preliminary Analysis of the "End-of-the-Line"
W UMa Eclipsing Binary V523 Cas (SAS 2005)
(Click Here)

Changes in the Light Curves of Short-Period W Ursae Majoris Binaries: Program Summary (2005) (Click Here)