Small Telescope and Astronomical Research (STAR) Conference Series

The STAR Conference Series is devoted to two aspects of astronomical research with smaller telescopes (small being defined as 1 or 2 meters or less): (1) the telescopes and instruments that make the research possible, and (2) the various areas of astronomical research where smaller telescopes shine.

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STAR Workshop - June 2007                STAR Conference - June 19-22, 2008

STAR Conference Article for Amateur Astronomy (Published Papers and Articles)

STAR Workshop 2007 participants at
California Polytechnic State University

Tom Frey sets up his 18" Obsession Telescope
at the Orion Observatory "Star-BQ"

Greg Johnson and Walt Morgan set up Walt's Meade LX 200 at the Orion Observatory "Star-BQ"

STAR Workshop 2007 Attendees enjoy
one of many presentations

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