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Professors Russ Genet and Pat Len
Cuesta College, a two-year community college, is located in San Luis Obispo on California’s central coast.  The main campus is just off of the famed scenic costal highway, California 1, half way between San Luis Obispo and Morro Bay.  The North County Campus is located in Paso Robles, while the Arroyo Grande Center is located to the south.  Cuesta College’s enrollment is about 15,000.

Robin White (left) and Russ Genet (arm raised) assist students in the Bowen Celestial Observatory.

Astronomy at Cuesta College is taught by Drs. James Eickemeyer, Russell Genet, and Patrick Len.  Robin White is the Observatory Assistant.  Cheryl Genet is a volunteer lecture assistant.  Three courses are taught: Astronomy 10 Lecture, Astronomy 10 Lab, and Astronomy 93 Research Seminar.  The Astronomy 10 Lecture courses are taught during the day on the main campus by Drs. Eickemeyer and Len and at night by Dr. Genet.  The Astronomy 10 Lab is taught during the day by Dr. Len.  The Astronomy 93 Research Seminar is an evening course taught by Dr. Genet (main campus) that features student research at the Cuesta College and other observatories.

Mead 14 inch computer controlled telescope
The Cuesta College Bowen Celestial Observatory on the main campus features a 14-inch computer-controlled Meade LX-200 GPS Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope, a Santa Barbara Instrument Group CCD camera, and various other telescopes and instruments.  The North County Campus has two 8-inch Meade computer controlled telescopes, CCD cameras, and other instrumentation.  The observatory is equipped for student astrometric measurements of asteroids, and photometry measurements of vari-able stars including eclipsing binaries.
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