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PHYS 93A – Physics, Astrophysics, Geophysics

SLO M 6:30 – 9:30 PM, Fall 2006

Section #2011, Room 2107





Course Content


Instructs and guides students with an interest in physics, astrophysics, or geophysics in planning and conducting their own modest research topic and presenting their results as a scientific paper and talk.  Hands-on class develops skills directly applicable to research papers, senior projects, and masters theses.


Should you take this course?


* Yes, if you are planning a career in the physical sciences or engineering.


How will it benefit you?


* Opportunity to plan and conduct your own modest research on a topic of your own choice.


* Starts you down the research/publication path to advanced degrees and superior employment.


* You can, if you wish, use Cuesta’s large new computer-controlled telescope and astronomical CCD camera for your research.  Such research can be published in refereed journals such as the Journal of the American Association of Variable Star Observers.


* You can reference your symposium talk and paper in college or employment applications.



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