Telescope Control

            Photometry of Variable Stars

              Robotic Observatories

             Solar System Photometry


          Additional Books as Author or Co-author

Real-Time Control With the TRS-80, 1982, Howard W. Sams,  Indianapolis.
        First published book on microcomputer control.  

Microcomputer Control of Telescopes
, 1985, Willmann-Bell, Richmond.
        First book published on telescope control.

Supernova 1987A: Astronomy’s Explosive Enigma, 1987, Fairborn Press, Mesa.

The Chimpanzees Who Would Be Ants: The Evolutionary Epic of Humanity, 1998, Nova Scientific, Huntington (NY).
         Classic (hard to get) predecessor to Humanity.

Books as Editor or Co-editor

Solar System Photometry Handbook, 1983,  Microcomputers in Astronomy I, 1983, Advances in Photoelectric Photometry, Volume 1, 1983,  Advances In Photoelectric Photometry, Volume 2, 1984,  Microcomputers in Astronomy II, 1984, Automatic Photoelectric Telescopes, 1986, New Generation Small Telescopes, 1987, The Photoelectric Photometry Handbook I, 1987, The Photoelectric Photometry Handbook II, 1987, Automatic Small Telescopes, 1989,  Remote Access Automatic Telescopes, 1989.

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