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Mount Hopkins, Arizona, second home to the Fairborn Observatory. 
The MMT is visible to the right.

Equipment and dorm rooms on the left, huge roll-off roof on the right. 
Sometimes it iced open.


Russ Genet and Lou Boyd shake hands after installing the first automatic telescope on Mt. Hopkins in 1986.  The Fairborn-10 telescope was transferred from Fairborn, Ohio.  Russell Genet, Jr., and the Fairborn-10 on Mt. Hopkins. 
MMT in the background.

The first three automatic telescope on Mt. Hopkins.  From left to right (and in order of installation), the Fairborn-10, the Phoenix-10 and the Vauderbilt-16.

Lou Boyd and the telescope control systems for the original three telescopes.

Upgrades at Mt. Hopkins



On the left, a model of automated 0.8-meter telescope built at summer workshop
    on Mount Hopkins.  On the right, the first 0.8-meter automatic telescope,
soon joined by three more.

Retting Machine Shop in Redlands, California, built the 0.8-meter telescope mounts.  Optics by Star Instruments.

Automatic Control Systems for the 0.8 meter telescopes.


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