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Organized by Russ

Robotic Telescope Symposium at JPL in California, 1991.  (left)
Small Telescope Symposia at Saguaro Lake, AZ, 1987.  (right)
Automatic Small Telescope Symposium at the Lazy K Bar, Tucson, AZ, 1988.  (left)
100th Anniversary of the first photoelectric astronomy at Trinity College in Dublin, 1992.  (right)
Mt. Hopkins Workshop on Robotic Telescopes, 1986. (left)
IAPPP Symposium on Photometry, Lazy K Bar, Tucson, AZ, 1990.  (right)
Remote Access Automatic Telescope Symposium in Hotel Park, Tucson, AZ.  International assembly of over 100 filmed as part of "The Perfect Stargazer." 1989.  (left)
Old friends and early collaborators in automated telescope adventures.  Russ with Don Hayes, Doug Hall, and Ken Kissell (left to right, back row) and the Fairborn 10, Russ' son Rusty, Ken's wife Judith, the Phoenix 10, and the Vanderbilt 16. (left to right, front row).  (right)
Young son Rusty joins in a workshop, contemplating the universe with Doug Hall's pipe.  (left)

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