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Kennedy Library Presentation

Undergraduate Research in Astronomy


Talk and Refreshments, 7:00 8:30 PM, Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Kennedy Library, Room 510B, California Polytechnic State University


Russell M. Genet, Research Scholar in Residence


Smaller observatories, thanks to affordable high-tech computerized telescopes and sensitive electronic cameras, have morphed into powerful scientific research facilities. Every clear night undergraduate and even high school students around the planet conduct astronomical research across a broad spectrum: tumbling asteroids, pulsating stars, eclipsing binaries, planets transiting across remote stars, and sputtering matter as it spirals onto white dwarfs and neutron stars. Their research is published in astronomical journals. They inspire other students, and are welcomed by graduate schools.

Astronomer Russ Genet describes undergraduate research at smaller observatories, and two unique opportunities for local undergraduates, high school students, educators, and amateur astronomers:

● A Cal Poly conference June 22-24, Time-Series Astronomical Photometry
● A Cuesta College research class this fall, Physics Research Seminar, PHYS 93A


Russ Genet by his Undergraduate Research Poster
in the Kennedy Library

Dean Susan Opava and Russ Genet

Dean Susan Opava gives a welcome

Russ begins his presentation

Jim and Pat Carlisle and students interested in the undergraduate research program

Russ, Derrick Lavoie and others enjoy social time after the presentation

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